The 10 Best Vacuum Cleaners for Pet hair (2018 CheckList)

We love our pets and our homes. That’s why cleaning the accumulated hair is second nature to every pet owner. When you want to enjoy the companion of your little dogs & cats and still live in a clean house, a powerful pet vacuum will come in handy and is an absolute necessity. This equipment takes the hassle out of what would be a tedious job especially if your pet sheds a lot. There are different types of vacuums. We have tested and reviewed many products and gathered the best options in the list to cater to your different needs from the stuck hair on floors, furniture, draperies, etc to allergens. No longer you need to ask now: Which is the best vacuum for pet hair? 

The 10 Best Vacuum Cleaners for Pet hair (2018 CheckList)

Best Overall: Shark Ninja NV752 Rotator TruePet Upright Corded Bagless Vacuum

Our top pick is a masterpiece as it is not only great at picking up pet hair but also lightweight and easy to carry. It is accessible to maneuver with its innovative steering technology. It has simple fingertip controls and the LED lights which allow you to watch out for the fine particles and even see dark corners.

Best High-End: Dyson Ball Animal + Allergy (Formerly D65) Complete Upright Vacuum

Constant powerful suction is the name of the game with the Dyson Ball Animal + Allergy Vacuum. It can suction hair from every corner of the house. From thick carpets to the cracks of your hardwood floor, and even crevices of door sliders, Dyson can do it all. It uses Cyclonic technology to capture every speck of dust to keep your home pollen and allergen free.

Best Budget: Bissel CleanView Deluxe Rewind Bagless Upright Vacuum

This pet vacuum is all about bringing simplicity and convenience in the way you take care of your home. It can work on hard floors as well as thick carpeting using its innovative Triple Action Brush Roll. It is not an exact bargain, but we feel for the features it is a top consideration on a budget.



Vacuum Technology




Shark Ninja NV752 Rotator TruePet 


Mini Motorized brush

HEPA Filter

14.5 pounds


Dyson Ball Animal + Allergy

Upright Bagless 

Cyclonic technology

HEPA Filter

28 pounds


Bissell Cleanview Deluxe Rewind

Upright Bagless

Triple Action Brush Roll

Multi-level filter

15.5 pounds


Dyson Ball Multi-floor 


Radial Root Cyclone technology

HEPA Filtration

20 pounds


Bissell Hard Floor Expert Multi-Cyclonic


Multi-cyclonic technology

Multi-level filtration

8.3 pounds


Miele Compact C1Turbo Team


Vortex motor with turbo and hard floor nozzle

Miele Airclean Filtration System

14.8 pounds


Dyson V7 Trigger


Cyclonic technology

HEPA Filtered

3.77 pounds


Bissell Cordless Bundle


Motorized brush tool

5 pounds


Shark- Pet Perfect


Twister suction technology

HEPA Filter

2.48 pounds


Bissel Pet Hair Eraser


Cyclonic Cleaning System

Multi-level filtration

3.7 pounds


Best Upright Pet Vacuums

Our Top Pick – Shark Rotator NV752 TruePet Upright Corded Bagless Vacuum


Shark Rotator is designed for a large home. It allows you to cover more ground from hard floors to the carpet, ceiling, and every crevice that pet dander could be hiding. The TruePet Mini Motorized brush gives you effortless cleaning around areas where all the hair gets stuck.

Design and Performance

This full-sized upright pet vacuum comes with some pretty innovative features. First, it provides easy maneuverability with its steering technology. It swivels around furniture so you can maintain an upright posture while you get to every stray hair.

You will like that it has fingertip controls that allows you to switch from hard floor cleaning to carpet cleaning. With the motorized brush and multi-tool, you have all you need to maintain a sparkly home.

The LED lights on this machine are quite handy as they will help in cleaning around dark corners. Who knows all the dust you have been leaving behind?

Shark explores Complete Seal technology and comes with a HEPA filter. It ensures no dust gets back to your home after it goes into the vacuum.


    • Comes with pet multi-tool and motorized brush
    • Effortless fingertip control
    • Complete seal technology
    • Swivel steering
  • LED lights on the nozzle and handle


  • The filter needs regular cleaning than the recommended three months

Best High-End Pet Vacuum: Dyson Ball (Formerly DC65) Animal + Allergy Complete Upright


If you want the most powerful suction and don’t mind the premium price, you better grab this Dyson model. It brings strong suction, and with the help of cyclonic technology, it can suck all dust and microscopic allergens in your home.

Design and Performance

You have an amazing bunch of accessories to help with all surface cleaning. You will be supplied with a tangle-free turbine tool, a carbon fiber soft brush, combination tool, stair tool, multi-angle tool, stiff bristle brush, and hard floor tool. All these accessories are the perfect way to collect litter and matted hair, especially with the tangle-free turbine tool. Its head rotates in all directions such that it can suck hair that is stuck on furniture, upholstery, and clothing.

The cleaner head is self-adjusting. It ensures that suction is sealed when working on carpets and hard floors. Navigating around your house has now been made easy with the help of ball technology. Since it is a ball base, maneuvering around tight places will be easy breezy too.


    • Comes with seven accessories
    • Root Cyclonic suction technology
    • HEPA filtered to remain allergen and pollen-free
    • Ball steering technology
  • It has a self-adjusting head


  • It is a bit heavy

Best Budget Pet Vacuum: Bissell CleanView Deluxe Rewind Bagless Upright Vacuum


Bissell CleanView is an upright vacuum on a budget. It is designed to use multi-cyclonic technology to trap materials with the help of the turbo brush tool and the triple action brush roll.

For hard floors, you have the silk-like bristles that are ready to remove stuck hair without scratching your floor. And for your carpets, you can’t go wrong with the short bristles as they suck hair that is tangled within your carpet’s threads.

Design and Performance

The turbo brush tool is perhaps the best pet attachment you could have. It is driven by strong air to ensure that no stray hair is left stuck on pillows, clothes, draperies, and on furniture. If you have kittens that tend to leave litter everywhere, this is the tool you will need to get the job done.

The push out canister gives you an ease of emptying the dust and dander by not getting your hands in dirt. It empties fast and easy by pressing a button. And don’t forget that all other operations are with fingertip buttons including rewinding the cord into the vacuum.


    • Turbo brush tool offers multi-surface cleaning
    • It has a triple action brush roll
    • Easy to empty canister without a mess
    • Multi-level of filtration to keep dust and allergens out
  • Offers automatic cord rewind


  • Isolated complaint about loss of suction after a year

Best Canister Vacuums

Best Ergonomic Pet Vacuum: Dyson Ball Multi-Floor Canister


This model is one of the compact designs by Dyson. It is engineered to eliminate any bending when controlling the turbine head. 

Design and Performance

Dyson uses an updated radial root cyclone technology to deliver more power to the trigger head tool and to ensure it never loses suction. This design involves 14 cyclones that capture microscopic dust using centrifugal forces.

Since the rotating brush is air-driven, it is super helpful for pet hair. It will work on all types of floors as it can be turned on and off with regard to the kind of floor you are cleaning. You will also appreciate the wand as it provides grip and reaches on ceilings, under furniture, on walls, the staircase, etc. It has a maximum coverage of 45ft, which is incredible if you have a vast space to clean and don’t want to keep removing the cord.

The ball base is another interesting feature since it provides effortless steering. The vacuum will swivel and make turns around spaces that are usually difficult with square base vacuums. This ball vacuum also comes with a stair tool and a combination tool to reach difficult areas.


    • No loss of suction using the radial root cyclone technology
    • Dust is kept within the vacuum using a lifetime HEPA filter
    • One-touch release of dirt canister
    • The wand has a wide coverage
  • Ball base for simple steering


  • The canister does not have a large capacity

Best Pet Vacuum for Hard Floors: Bissell Hard Floor Expert Multi-Cyclonic Bagless Canister


Bissell 1547 is a powerful vacuum that is gentle on floors. If you have delicate surfaces that tend to harbor lots of pet hair, it provides excellent suction to make your cleaning time very easy.

Design and Performance

Bissell uses multi-cyclonic technology which is best known for maintaining great suction over a long period. This is because it is not prone to clogging especially when dealing with matted hair and litter plus dust that could block the system.

You have a hard floor foot that is efficient on smooth floors and ceramics. This tool will maintain your flooring in good shape year after year. This vacuum also comes with a multi-surface foot, an upholstery brush, a carpet tool, an ergonomic wand, and a crevice tool.

It is a pet owner’s dream come true as you will not incur extra costs or deal with a vacuum that becomes defective after only a few uses, it goes and works a long way. The dirt canister offers one-touch disposal. You will be able to recover items that are accidentally vacuumed so you don’t have to lose an object in a bag. It is all about convenience and Bissell gives it to you in all possible ways.


    • Powerful performance without scratching floors
    • The multi-cyclonic technology prevents clogging
    • Supplied with a multi-surface foot and other tools for all-around cleaning
    • Fast and easy to empty the bin
  • Lightweight design provides effortless maneuverability


  • It is not a good option for staircase cleaning

Best Lightweight Canister Pet Vacuum: Miele Compact C1Turbo Team Canister


For a home with more than one pet, you will be dealing with a lot of dander. Miele Compact C1 gives you their most powerful canister pet vacuum that is lightweight and easy to deal with.

Design and Performance

Miele is known for producing efficient products that are quiet. The Compact C1 Team takes the hard work of cleaning after pets. It will perform well on low and medium pile carpets. This is because the floor head is not motorized.

The Turbo Nozzle is powered by a powerful airstream provided by the vortex motor to ensure it can trap hair, dander, and threads from your carpets. The hard floor nozzle, on the other hand, helps in cleaning smooth surfaces that can be damaged easily.

With the vortex motor, you have six-speed settings that allow trapping of debris and other stuff on different surfaces. It is easy to control through the rotary dial for proper handling of delicate surfaces.

We are happy that the telescopic wand has a stainless steel construction meaning it will be of use for a very long time. The included accessories are also simple to attach using the Varioclip. It is a multipurpose machine that comes with the convenience of being light and quiet.


    • Seals in 99.9% of microscopic dust and allergens
    • Miele vortex motor with six-speed settings
    • Ideal for low to medium carpeting
    • Stainless steel telescopic wand
  • Rotating roller brush on floorhead


  • It is not ideal for vacuuming thick carpets

Best Handheld Pet Vacuums

Most Powerful Handheld Pet Vacuum: Dyson V7-Trigger Cord-Free Handheld


Dyson V7-Trigger is powered by the V7 digital motor. It uses 15 cyclones that are at par with the power provided by its canister cousins. This means it is capable of dealing with all kinds of dander, pet hair, and debris lurking in your home.

Design and Performance

This pet vacuum is built with portability in mind. When cleaning furniture, draperies, the stairs, and windows, you will want more control over your tool. Dyson V7 brings this possibility into reality since it offers cord-free usage for simple maneuvering.

The lithium-ion batteries provide constant powerful suction that stays strong for up to 30 minutes running time. The suction power can get to 100 watts that is pretty powerful for such a small unit. The power is variable thanks to the dial which helps it to have just the right suction for different surfaces.

The three accessories include a combination tool, a mini motorized tool, and a crevice tool. These accessories provide an effective way of removing hair from couches, pillows, and cushion. The crevice tool is also a useful piece as it will help in cleaning edges, around corners, and in little spaces.


    • Hygienic dirt remover
    • Easy to access and clean the lifetime filter
    • Comes with thee useful tools for deep cleaning
    • Constant power using lithium-ion batteries
  • Cord-free use for maximum freedom of movement


  • It does not have enough power for bare floors and carpets

Best Vacuum for Cleaning Pet Stains: Bissell Cordless Handheld Bundle Hand Vac + Pet Stain Eraser


This is the best multipurpose unit on this list. The vacuum is flexible in that it will get to places that are difficult to clean with bigger models. And if have a messy cat or dog, the pet stain remover will take care of the mess in minutes.

Design and Performance

A lithium-ion battery powers the motorized brush so that you will never miss a spot. The pet stain remover is a thoughtful addition as it allows you to spray, scrub, and suction messes and stains. It works well with draperies, upholstery, carpets, couches, and rugs.

It has an all-plastic body and handles that is well-built to last in good condition for a decent period. It has two reservoirs on the top and the bottom where the top stores the cleaning solution and the bottom stores the dirty water.

The reservoirs have nozzles that make it simple to add the cleaning solution and pour out the dirty water. These reservoirs come off just by pressing the buttons. The cleaning brush is also easy to remove and clean.

This model expresses versatility as you can deal with other stains from wine, juices, mud, and other liquids around the house and even in your car.


    • Includes a handheld vacuum and stain remover
    • Motorized brush deals with pet hair, dust, and debris
    • Powerful suction power using the motorized brush and lithium-ion battery
  • Easy to empty and clean the reservoirs on stain remover


  • The battery requires up to 4 hours to recharge

Best Cheap Handheld Pet Vacuum: Shark Pet-Perfect Cordless Bagless Portable


It is a compact handheld vacuum that delivers on power and the battery life. It weighs very little at only 2.48 pounds meaning everyone can manage its weight. If you want a versatile and convenient handheld option, this model is a worth every cent.

Design and Performance

When it comes to owning a vacuum that is portable, Shark Pet-Perfect got you covered. It can go from cleaning carpets and rugs in your home to pulling hair from under the seats of your RV or boat. It takes little space to store, is very compact, so you don’t have to mind about finding room in the boot or the closet.

This vacuum delivers constant and robust suction with the help of Twister Suction Technology. With the motorized brush, you will pick up pet hair effectively. It is removable so that you can attach a crevice tool for cracks and difficult-to-reach areas. You can even use it as a direct suction tool for any other surface that needs special attention.

The sleek design on this vacuum makes it easy to maneuver through tight spaces like around furniture corners. It will be an excellent companion when you are out on a camping trip especially if you are traveling with your dog in the back seat.

The dirt cup has a decent capacity, but it may need emptying after every cleaning cycle.


    • It is super light to offer maximum control
    • It has a streamlined body for easy maneuverability
    • Strong suction provided by Twister suction technology
    • Motorized pet brush is removable
  • Comes with a charging adapter


  • It is not supplied with a charging stand

Best Corded Handheld Vacuum: Bissell Pet Hair Eraser 33A1


A big vacuum is useful for a lot of things, but not for small spaces. That’s what the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser is all about. It is an excellent tool for picking hair from upholstery, cars, and draperies.

Design and Performance

This handheld option provides an excellent way of cleaning messes and hair at the same time. It has two kinds of nozzles which include the hard nozzle that will help in picking up scattered litter, and pet food. With the rubber nozzle, you will be able to pick up the hair around every place that your pets visit.

It uses cyclonic cleaning technology. It will never lose power over time. The handle is contoured and grippy to give you controlled handling of this vacuum. We like that it has a cord-wrap system and it includes a HEPA filter to reduce allergens and microscopic dust in your house.

The 16ft cord is also long enough to offer extensive coverage from room to room. You can maneuver down the stairs or around your car without pulling the cable from the plug. It is an inexpensive option for a corded handheld pet vacuum.


    • Comes with a textured rubber nozzle and a hard nozzle
    • Long 16ft cord offers broad coverage
    • Multi-layer filtration system
  • Requires only 4amps power rating


  • It has a small capacity canister

Types of Pet Vacuums


These are multipurpose machines that can collect lots of pet hair. They are large models that are most applicable to large homes. You can use these models to cover a wide area in a short time since they do not need constant emptying.

If you have back problems, these are also the right pick to save you from further pain. They clean deeply, and some of them are bagless, so they are much cheaper. But you may have to deal with their noise as they are louder than other types of vacuums.


These models tend to be light because of the separate powerhead. They will reach tighter spaces and under furniture. With these models, you can also get a lot of work done since they also have large capacity canisters and they have almost equal power to that of upright canisters.

The power head separates and can take on many attachments making them appear more versatile.


These are slim versions of the upright vacuum. They have taller bodies and handles and are much lighter than upright models because batteries mostly power them. They tend to have lower power which is why they are not the best choice for pets that shed a lot.


These are lightweight and portable vacuums that offer the flexibility of being used anywhere. From your house to the car and even camping site, they will provide convenient cleaning on demand. They will provide easy and quick work of cleaning small surfaces and mostly low pile carpets and hard floors.

Corded vs. Cordless Vacuums

Cordless vacuums are mostly stick and handheld models. They are light in weight making it easy to move without the restriction of the cord. They can tackle most debris but not as efficiently as corded ones. This is because cordless vacuums draw their power directly from the power source. They maintain a high suction power that will trap stray hair in crevices and hard-to-reach areas more efficiently.

Bagged vs. Bagless Vacuums

Bagged pet vacuums are cheap because you attach the bag and dust is collected directly without the need to empty the bag. But they are expensive over time. Bagless units use canisters that you have to empty each time it fills up. They have a high initial cost, but you will never buy a vacuum bag ever again.

Best Pet Hair Vacuum: Buyers Guide

Cleaning your house is not a favorite task. And when it is coupled with dealing with pet hair, scattered litter, food, and wet messes, it becomes a much more complicated process.

Here are the factors you need to consider before buying a pet vacuum hair cleaner

  • Type of Flooring

Do you want a cleaner for smooth, even floors or carpeted floors? Although most models offer all-surface functionality, you cannot assume your vacuum will offer both carpet and hard floor cleaning. That’s why you need to check that your product is designed for all-around cleaning.

For hardwood floors, laminated floors, and ceramics, you will need high suction power. With carpeted floors, powerful suction must be coupled with brushes for effective cleaning.

  • Size of Home

It seems quite obvious that you need a big pet vacuum for cleaning a large house and a small vacuum for a small home. When you want to cover large areas, it will be faster if you don’t have to keep emptying the canister every few minutes.

For small homes, large upright vacuums may eat up valuable space, so it is better to stick with medium-sized options that are effortless to store.

  • Optional Accessories

Pet vacuums come with the tools for faster hair cleaning. But you will also need to clean other areas of your home, and that is where attachments come in. These include accessories like an upholstery brush, a crevice tool, and a dusting brush. Some even include useful accessories like a head that cleans edges, walls, and ceilings.

  • Performance

Your pet vacuum will require ample power to deal with pet hair. This comes hand-in-hand with the suction technology and volume of air it can draw to get to the stray hair and stuck matted hair. The size of the product can give you a good idea of its power.

Upright vacuums tend to have more suction power than canister while canister models have more power than handheld.

  • Intuitive controls

Being in total control is of utmost importance. Look for pet vacuums that have easy fingertip controls. Such controls allow you to work without bending. Models that have height adjustments and suctions speed controls are also more useful in cleaning different surfaces like soft rugs, upholstery, and curtains.

Options for bare floor surfaces like switching the brush on and off are also very thoughtful. Better still, you can consider options for deep carpeting cleaning using rotating brushes.

  • Filters and Complete Seal Systems

Dust from the debris you collect may find its way back to the house through exhaust spaces in the vacuum. For homes where you want to keep out allergens like pollen, a filtration system is a must-have. HEPA filters are the most ideal as they can trap up to 99.9% of dust particles.

  • Steering and Propulsion

Pushing a pet vacuum can require a bit of effort. A steering system comes in to reduce the effort when pushing, pulling, and navigating around your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I vacuum my dog?

Dogs that shed a lot leave a huge mess around the house. If your pet is accustomed to the machine’s sound, you can use a pet grooming tool for your dog. It is a pet-friendly attachment that will help remove excess hair from the dog’s fur. The tool works by gently brushing the coat as it attracts hair to the brush.

Here’s a step-to-step guide on how to vacuum your dog.

What is the best vacuum for husky hair?

Husky dogs have double coats of fur. And if you leave in a warm climate, you will see more shedding as it is a means of managing heat. You should regularly groom your husky dog to prevent too much shedding.

Even then, you will need a powerful vacuum that will trap all the hair as it tends to get trapped in crevices and on furniture.

How do you get dog hair out of the carpet?

Vacuuming is the easiest way of removing dog hair from the carpet. When the hair is trapped in the fibers, it can be a bit tricky. Use baking soda to remove the stuck hair. By applying just, a little to the affected areas and vacuuming, you will have a clean carpet in no time at all.

Embedded hair is harder to remove. With a kitchen sponge or squeegee, you can brush it out and restore a sparkly look to your carpet.

How much energy does a vacuum cleaner consume?

Vacuum cleaners are simple systems, but they contribute to your monthly energy bill. Their power is expressed in amps and wattage. Note that amps x volts = Watts. If your vacuum draws 10 amps, and you are using a 120V circuit, it is running 1200 watts per hour.

Your vacuum should draw less than 12 amps for you to run it and other devices since the circuit breaker is usually rated at 15 amps.

Is Shark a good vacuum cleaner?

Shark is a pioneer in household appliances. Under the brand name SharkNinja Operating LLC, this company has a significant market share for vacuum cleaners. They make products that become best sellers owing to their attention to detail.

Their innovative features and simplicity of use are what makes this brand popular in homes today.

Who is the owner of the Shark Vacuum Company?

This company started as a family business over a century ago. What started as a sewing machine business, is now an established household name with Mark Rosenzweig sitting as the CEO, and family heir of the company.

Shark vs. Dyson. Which is better?

Shark and Dyson are brands that are at the heart of innovation when it comes to vacuum cleaners. With Shark, you get unique features like DuoClean technology which is a dual brush roll while Dyson has devised a way of creating vacuums that will never lose suction.

Shark products are cheaper than Dyson vacuums.

Shark offers advanced and improved features by building onto the traditional vacuum system while Dyson brings entirely new features. Their performance is similar in many cases which comes down to your preferred brand and budget.

Which is the Best Dyson Vacuum for Pet Hair?

The Dyson Ball (Formerly D65) comes with thoughtful attributes. It uses cyclonic technology that provides strong suction power that is constant throughout the life of the machine. Even if it has a premium price, it is the most efficient Dyson model on our list in dealing with pet hair.


You can now have the company of your pooch and a clean home with one of our Top Best Pet Vacuums. Expect powerful suction in these models as they have been selected to specifically deal with pet hair.

For our Top Recommendation, we are convinced Shark Rotator NV752 TruePet Upright Corded Bagless Vacuum is an excellent option for most needs. It is a powered lift away vacuum that has a mini motorized brush for dealing with pet hair. 

Our top pick for the premium choice is the Dyson Ball while our Budget option goes to Bissell Cleanview Deluxe.

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