Why BestVaccumForPet?

It has been two years since we adopted our bundle of joys and our lives seem completely new and transformed. It’s true when they say “Happiness comes with four paws and a wet nose”. She came owning nothing and now owns our whole house and makes it feel home.

Though we are in absolute love and awe of our little ShihTzu baby BUT she came with a lot of hair, like a lot. They were everywhere from sofa, couch to even our bed. The shedding times were even more terrible, I had no black or dark colored jeans or leggings without millions of white and brown hair strands on them. I was days away from going crazy being a person who likes her home clean and organized.

After all the struggles of trying cheap rollers and picking the hair and mess, I lost my ancient cleaning methods to reading about how vacuums come in handy for dealing with pet hair. In the starting, I researched, checked out reviews and in a year ended up trying 7 different vacuums to cater my different needs and home floorings.

After so much, I was giving recommendations to the friends and strangers who were struggling with the same situation even after so much research about the vacuums which will cater to the needs of their home. I couldn’t find a website resourceful enough so I decided to make my own and help every struggling pooch-mom/dad. Here, you will find the vacuums which REALLY work and won’t disappoint you, straight. They might feel a big chunk of investment but in the end, trust me, it will run for/be worth it over years.

I am sure my articles and different recommendations will help you find the right vacuum for your home, but I am always an e-mail away if you still cannot decide, Leave a comment on the article or write to me from the contact form below.

Why I went for a dog with so much hair?

To me, if you ask adopting a dog with so much hair was never an option. I have always planned on adopting a small pooch with no to least amount of hair but was always rigid on adoption rather than buying, so say the destiny we adopted her to save abandonment but boy, Do I regret it? Not at all.

BTW, if you want to hear more about her crazy adoption story hit me up in the form below and I will surely write back to you.