Best Robot Vacuum for Pet Hair – Reviews & Buying Guide

Very keen on finding about the best robotic vacuum for pet hair that works itself without any manual hassle and finding the one that fits your needs?  Be it for pet hair, weekly scheduled cleanings in 2018 technology or smart dirt on the corners, it can help you in everything. Check the reviews below and find the one that suits for needs and home the best.

The market demand for an efficient robot vacuum cleaner that works best for the pet hair has witnessed a tremendous increase in 2018. There is a diverse variety of products in the market for specially catering the issue of pet hair and small dirt in the carpet. The diverse options on one side of the story, increases the choice and utility for the user but on the other side add a lot of confusion and debate, the question being which one of them is the best to cater the needs. Here is a detailed comparative study of some of the leading brands we have tested making it easier for you to decide!

#1 Recommendation – Samsung POWERbot R7065 Robot Vacuum

Best Robot Vacuum for Pet Hair - Reviews & Buying Guide

This is one of the most useful options for a cleaner. With its highly innovative model, this product seems to outnumber many other brands in the number of features it has. The POWERbot is WiFi enabled and can be controlled by Alexa making it accessible!

One of the most prominent features is the digital mapping (Digital mapping also called digital cartography is the process by which a collection of data is compiled and formatted into a virtual image and saved in the device memory), this means that once it scans your house design, it will know every nook and corner and clean accordingly. Powerful 40X suction is a strong enough to suck every kind of debris and dirt on the way.


It also automatically detects surface types to optimize suction power. From wood to carpet flooring, the POWERbot senses the surface type to provide optimal cleaning. It has special edge cleaning shutters, which can wipe the debris efficiently from the corners and wall edges which is otherwise a gruesome job to accomplish. The rotating brush system creates strong centrifugal forces to wipe the dirt into its large anterior bin. Though battery time and one year warranty could have been better, but with great features and cleaning power, it seems like a fair investment.

The suction control system is a definite plus which ensures smooth cleaning of the pet hair. With such a variety of features and easy maintenance as the filters are washable POWERbot is not a vacuum to ignore.


  • Washable filter
  • Edge cleaning shutters for efficient cleaning
  • WiFi or Alexa voice control enabled
  • Mapping and navigation present


  • Not fit for changing house arrangements
  • Not good on the budget

iRobot Roomba 614 Robot Vacuum Cleaner


iRobot Roomba comes with 3 patented cleaning system with its simple yet effective cleaning structure, it is reliable for multiple surfaces including carpet, linoleum, and hardwood. It may lack in many of digital and technological efficiencies as compared to POWERbot, but it has a better running battery time and no initial assembly of the parts is required, which makes it easier to use.


Comes with Suction power control which is preferable in case of pet hair care which means that you can adjust the power of suction according to your needs. It has an automatic recharging battery and a longer warranty as well. The design and model are older and manual in nature but no less efficient. It comes with the feature of house navigation which means that it is highly adaptable to changes in house traffic, avoiding any accidents with house objects. Keeping these features in mind, it is safe to say that iRobot Roomba keeps the beautiful balance between minimalism and utility.

It is not Wifi enabled which increases your input and product responsibility as a person but roomba is a budget-friendly product, which may lack the attractive and catchy details, but is efficient to use, particularly for pet hair.

It takes anywhere between 45 minutes to 1.25 hours to clean between 250 and 400 square feet and you can also set the cleaning preferences. It will automatically boost up the suction on detecting more dirt. It avoids cords and toys on the floor pretty well. Especially, if there are areas that you would prefer to stay undisturbed, iRobot’s virtual wall barriers are the best ones compared to other cleaners.


  • Better battery time
  • Smooth suction control is best for the pets
  • Budget-friendly
  • No initial assembly required

  • Not WiFi or voice control enabled
  • Lacks in many digital features, older designs

SharkNinja Shark Ion 750 Connected Robotic Vacuum (RV750)

A vacuum by the leading company Shark, Ninja is another product which is a concoction of many of the similar features yet has many distinct characteristics as well. It is WiFi enabled and can also be controlled by Alexa voice control, making it easier to operate. A lithium-ion battery with low recharge and long running time is an essential plus. One of the distinct features is the detangling cleaning system, which means that where suction alone is sufficient to wipe the debris, it provides an excellent alternative to detangling the debris by its fine bristles so that it doesn’t jam again and again. This is particularly useful on carpets, where dirt is sometimes difficult to clean by suction only.

The magnetic tape system is another advantage, which cleans the debris off the corners, it is more effective than edge cleaning shutters of POWERbot as there is a chance of abrasive and minute mechanical damage to the walls.

Having it on mobile app keeps you updated on the progress and resolves your job as a boss. The device also needs initial assembly which means that reading the manual patiently will be the best way to start. However being a very budget friendly product, with all the features of your needs, it is worth spending the lot!


  • The efficient detangling system to aid suction.
  • Magnetic tape cleaning for corners.
  • WiFi and Voice control enabled
  • Easy on budget


  • Initial assembly required
  • Detangling system is not good for pets hair care

Neato Botvac D80 Robot Vacuum


This Neato Botvac D80 vacuum is the most economical option in robot vacuums, however, that doesn’t bring down its abilities, The D-shape configuration is made to make it simpler to get into corners and ungainly places. It is 12.7 x 13.2 x 3.9 inches in size, and though tallness of the hole under your furniture will decide whether the Botvac D80 can clean underneath, it’s awesome for under informal lodging. It has been known as the best pet hair vacuum, which settles on a decent decision on the off chance that you have pets that shed their jackets.

With the superior channel catching little particles, it is a really good choice for individuals with hypersensitivities. With the real-time object detection, the Neato robot vacuum is customized to keep away from getting stuck or taking itself out once it gets stuck, therefore it is easier on your furniture. It has a docking base, which is the place you charge the main unit, this should be set up in an unmistakable zone which will enable the Botvac to come back to the base for recharging on its own. This feature of Neato Botvac D80 is very advance and clearly makes it different to other products.


  • LaserSmart mapping to avoid obstacles
  • Auto-Charge ability
  • D-shape design to pick up maximum pet hair
  • Easy to schedule
  • Large dustbin


  • Poor quality of units causing software problems
  • No Wifi control options
  • Floor coverings with tufts may get bound

ECOVACS DEEBOT N78 Robot Vacuum Cleaner


Ecovacs Deebot N78 is one of the most brilliant robot cleaners available due to its triple functionality. The Deebot N78 is built with advanced technology that ensures fur and pet hairs can easily be sucked into the dust reservoir without any entanglement. It uses “direct suction”. Cleaning the residue compartment is very simple. The robot opens up from the back, where you can evacuate the residue compartment. It’s connected with a clasp; getting it out requires no exertion. It even accompanies a little brush for cleaning the dustbin.

The robot comes with a remote control you can use to schedule or start cleaning. You can also start the cleaning with buttons on the unit in case you’ve misplaced the remote control. It lets you choose between three cleaning modes: Automatic which goes over the entire room, Edge Cleaning which follows the walls and cleans all the corners and finally the Spot Cleaning Modes. You’ll most probably end up using just automatic and spot cleaning modes.

It is very easy to use as we can schedule it for upcoming tasks, It does not require any command by user while operating making it very diverse and useful. As you can schedule up to 7 cleanings, which can recur weekly, Deebot N78 is an incredible little partner on concrete and other hard surfaces. It can cover the majority of the rooms in a go, doesn’t approach slamming everything and can wipe the floors too which can’t stand vacuuming.


  • Long working time
  • Handle makes transporting the robot easily
  • Works quietly
  • Ability to mop the floors


  • Useless on carpets
  • Doesn’t support any form of virtual wall technology

What should you Choose?

The verdict on the product depends on the kind of use you are looking to get out of it. In terms of features and characteristics, POWERbot and Sharkninja are on par, however, for pet hair care, iRobot seems to take a victorious stand. Because of its lower cost, smooth suction control system, it is certainly a preferable robot for the care of your pets. Ecovacs Deebot N78 has an extra ability to mop the floor because of the water tank which makes it apt for the surfaces which can get damaged from vacuuming. Neato Botvac D80 has D-shape configuration that gives it an edge over all other cleaners when it comes to edge-floor cleaning so you can go ahead with that if you have major concerns for all the hooks and corners, as it can easily access places like sharp corners.